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2 Purchase Options
  1. Software Service Plan
    Cost: $19.95/mo.*
    - Subscribers receive the following Benefits:
    • Current NTS software version ($250.00 value)
    • 2 FREE Upgrades are sent to you each year. (Spring/Fall)
      (~ $280.00-$300.00 value per year)
    • FREE Additional copies of NTS for your church.
      (~ $40.00-$120.00 value)
    • FREE Technical Support.
      (~ $160.00 value per year)
    • FREE Shipping & Handling.
      (~ $10.00-$30.00 value per year)
    • FREE Payroll Tax Withholding Table and W-2/W-3/944/1099 updates. (~$80.00 value per year)

    Subscribers agree to remain enrolled in the Software Service Plan for a minimum period of 2 years. After the initial 2-year period, the subscriber will have the option to extend or renew the subscription. This option is chosen by 75% of our Customers.

    * This price is subject to changes in consumer prices. Significant changes in consumer prices may result in a change in the monthly cost during your 2 year subscription.

    Cancellation Policy - During the first 60 days of the subscription, the service plan can be canceled, no questions asked. You will not receive any refunds of fees already paid and the software must be uninstalled from all computers. If no payments have been made, a cancellation fee of $19.95 will apply. If a decision to cancel is made after 60 days, the full balance of the subscription will be due.

  2. Single-License Purchase - Cost: $249.95.
    • You will receive the complete NTS package. (Software and Instruction Manual)
    • Technical Support is FREE during the first 60 days; $2.00/min. thereafter.
    • Additional licenses/copies are available if the software needs to be on more than one computer. Each additional license is $39.95 and can be ordered at any time.
    • Upgrades are typically available 2 times per year starting at a cost of $149.95. You will be notified when upgrades are released and be given the opportunity to purchase them at that time.

  3. Technical Support
    • 100 minutes of Support for $120.00 - This is a $200 value. When you buy your support in bulk, you save 40%. They can be used at any time for personal consultation or normal technical support questions. Time expires 2 years from the date of purchase.
    • On-Demand Technical Support - Technical Support is $2 per minute with a minimum of 5 minutes.
FREE 60-Day Trial !!
For a LIMITED TIME, you can order NTS and try it for up to 60 days for FREE! There is no cost or obligation to purchase.
  • You will receive the complete NTS package to try for 60 days.
  • Technical Support is completely FREE during the trial period.
We will contact you near the end of the Trial Period and give you the option to Purchase NTS (either option above) or to cancel your NTS service.
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